What Is Needed Most During A Global Pandemic

Five months ago I wrote a post about propaganda. The whole idea was around how companies, governments, organizations and institutions create propaganda and how we need to be knowledgeable about the methods used. We need to seek the truth. Fast forward to today when we are in the midst of the largest global crisis since World War II. Most of us (90% or more of the world's population) were not alive during that time, we just read about it in history books and learn about it from Steven Spielberg movies. We are living in unprecedented times, dealing with something of this magnitude with access to the information that we do is new territory for us.

There are countless, news stories, eyewitness accounts and "facts" shared from people that "know someone" in any number of epicenters around the world. Whatever your view is on the situation, no matter if you believe everything happening is an overreaction, underreaction, or just the right reaction, you can find information to back you up.

What we need now, more than anything, is discernment. All of the information that we are bombarded with regarding coronavirus and COVID-19 runs the spectrum from helpful to harmful. It can make us take the right actions or make poor decisions. It can lead us to do things that impact us and the people around us.

Every hour decisions are being made that will impact humanity, medically and financially. History will write chapters of this situation. People will talk about this time and tell stories like they do about 9/11 and the JFK assassination. I pray that globally a spirit of discernment will sweep over everyone so the decisions each of us make every day are the right ones.


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