The Important Parts Of Any Race - The Beginning, The Middle, And The End

If you are a runner, you know what a finishing kick is. For those of us who don't run it is the extra burst as you are nearing the end of the race. Timing it right is key because if you go too early you expend all of your energy before you get across the finish line. Start too late and you have untapped resources and probably didn't finish as well as you could have.

When you have a project or an assignment due, there is often a push at the end. If things didn't go well in the other parts of the project we think we can just sprint our way till the end. The deadline is fast approaching so we try to kick things into a higher gear. If you are trying to figure out how to do things at the end, you are probably too late, and certainly not conditioned for what is to come. There is a balance and planning that is needed.

So many things in our life can be considered a race, and any race has three key components:

  1. Start - You want to get out to a fast start. Any journey begins with the first step. It sets a foundation for how the rest of the race will go.
  2. Consistent Pace - You don't see many marathoners alternating between sprinting and walking. Maintaining a steady output of results each segment is key. 
  3. Finish - Getting things across the finish line is a great reward. Finish strong, using that finishing kick to get us across the goal.


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