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Third Times the Charm

Let’s hope that is the case as I look to launch another site. I first got into blogging back in 2006 and had few starts and stops alo ng the way with a couple of different sites. It never really went anywhere as other activities of life distracted me at various points. However I think the real reason that I didn’t stick with it was I was doing it for the wrong reason. I think I had this view that if I didn’t have a regular posting pattern, or a theme, or valuable piece of information that was new and unique that I was failing. I was looking for a goal of number of posts per week or month, the number of visitors to my site, or the number of followers I had. All of that was the wrong goal, now my goal is to simply write. I feel like I have ideas that are inside of me and I need some sort of outlet, and as you will come to find there seems to be a chaotic pattern of thought so I’m not exactly sure where this is going. Just a fair warning that there are no guarantees on what you find here