Sometimes There Is More Than One Lesson To Learn

I try to always stay positive and look at the good in the world. Recently it has been a lot more challenging to do so. It is certainly a time where there is a lot of fear and anxiety, yet I believe we are going to look back on this time and recognize the impact it had on us as individuals, families, communities, nations and the world. I've shared before that many of the worst events in my life have had the most positive change. This virus is tragic, it is killing people and wreaking havoc on economies. At the same time we are also being presented with things many of us haven't seen in our lifetime.

  • Air quality numbers in many cities have dramatically improved in just a few days.
  • The water in the canals in Venice is clearer than it has been in decades.
  • Marine life is approaching shores like Sardinia they usually avoid due to the abundance of water traffic.
  • Companies are learning how to operate with people working from home. Some companies have embraced a work from home culture but you still have many organizations that require butts in the seats. When we see that the work still gets done no matter where the person is at how much will it continue? What will we do with the additional free time and savings not being stuck in traffic?
  • Parents are taking a stronger interest in the education of their children, looking for opportunities to have them do something other than stare at a screen all day.
  • Neighbors are going to their windows and singing songs together.
  • People are figuring out ways to stay connected and check in with each other. We are moving past social media updates and learning about tools like Zoom to have real interactions with people.
  • Families are eating more meals at home together in a week than they typically do in a month or more.
  • People are being far more conservative with the amount of toilet paper they use, we have to be saving lots of trees.
We don't know how long this is going to last, but when the pandemic is over, when we are allowed to return to our normal lives, what do we want our normal to be? 


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