Boredom - Surprisingly A Word You Don't Hear A Lot Right Now

I find it interesting that as crazy as our world is right now, one word I'm not hearing a lot of is boredom. My kids know better than to say they are bored to me because I can find them something to do so fast it gives them whiplash. Beyond that I have talked to more people that are doing things they've put off. Watching some of those movies they haven't had a chance to see that everyone has talked about. Reading a book that they haven't had a chance to start. Working on a project around the house. I've heard more people talk about painting something in their house I wish I had bought stock in Sherwin Williams.

I've spent more time on framing my basement. The kids are spending time going through areas and rooms of the house that are desperately in need of organizing and cleaning. Toys that have been forgotten about have been rediscovered. Countless art projects have been done. We've watched a couple of movies together as a family.

Yes, things are different and scary. It is hard to determine what day of the week it is and that Groundhog Day feeling is setting in. There are things that we miss doing for sure, but it is also nice to be forced to do some things differently. The one thing for sure is that we are not bored, and that is a very good thing.


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