Flexibility - Or Adapting To The Way Things Are

Being able to go with the flow is generally a pretty good quality to have. Circumstances change, information changes, people leave companies or move away. As things change having the resiliency to adapt to the new circumstances is an important quality.

Now more than ever we need to be flexible. We are having to live in new and different ways. People learning to work from home, do online school, figure out ways to stay in shape and able to perform in their activity of choice.

Challenges are nothing more than learning opportunities. The key is to accept things aren't like they used to be. Complaining about it doesn't change any of your current circumstances. So often in life the only thing we can control is how we respond in various situations. The situations we can rarely control, but we can always own our response.

We must also remember that not everyone faces the same challenges. While some of us are complaining of having to work in the same room as our spouse every day, others of us are dealing with having our spouse temporarily or permanently laid off. Still others may be one of the unlucky ones that have a loved one in critical condition, dying alone in a hospital where visitors aren't allowed.

The challenges we are facing are new and different. Our stories are similar but no two situations are identical. We have the opportunity to come out of this stronger as individuals, companies, communities, organizations, states, countries and the world. How we look back on this time historically is dependent on how we as individuals choose to respond in such a time as this.


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