No Regrets From The Decisions We Make

As many choices we have to make in life it is easy to find yourself living with regrets. You have the memories which pop up, making you wonder if you made the right choices. Saying, "if only" too many times.

Choices come up and sometimes we have to make quick decisions, with little information, hoping you have enough to make the right choice. Instantly second guessing yourself the minute there is no going back.

We all face choices, and with those choices we have to make decisions. In our life it is guaranteed that some of the choices we make are going to be the wrong ones.

Having three girls in various stages I witness first hand the choices they have to make, and know they can and will have an impact on the course of their life. We've all faced them in our lives, and likely continue to in some ways. Who to make friends with. Which activities to join. Which sports to play. Which classes to take. Where to go to college. What should your major be. If you should go to college. How to spend your free time. Which job to take. When you should quit your job. If you should take the promotion. Which city should you live in. Which house should you buy. 

Once the decision is made, it isn't worth having regrets. If it was a mistake, then the decision on what to do next is far more important than spending any time regretting the choice that was made.

No Regrets Just Lessons


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