The Voice We Hear The Most

All of us have flaws. All of us have things we want to improve on. It is a slippery slope we too often fall into where all we see is what is wrong with ourselves and we forget or overlook the things that are great about the person we see in the mirror.

God created you and He doesn't make mistakes. When you believe you are less than what you truly are, it is the same as telling God He doesn't know what He is doing. God doesn't make mistakes.

We need to change the words we tell ourselves and ensure there is a positive undertone. We need to be our own best coach because the voice we hear the most is our own. Instead of saying, "I'm bad at..." we need to tell ourselves, "I want to get better at..." The first one is just complaining, insulting yourself. The second one is an action plan, a goal, something to work towards and achieve. 

If the voice in your head was a person, do they act like a best friend? Someone to tell you the truth in a kind way but is always there for you? Or are they the person that always insults you, treats you poorly and wants to see you fail? We know which person we would want to spend time with, we should think the same thing about the voice inside our head.

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness


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