It Is Time For A Change

Every month that goes by in the year 2020 we continue to think that the world can't possibly get any more screwed up. We need to all stop saying that because there is always something worse. In May it got worse when we all saw the senseless murder of George Floyd. I was sickened, outraged, and scared. I knew what the state of the country was. I was scared because I knew what the reaction was going to be and we've all seen how that has played out.

I never would have thought I would have to be teaching my children about the difference between protesting, rioting and looting. The words come up as we try to explain why the black community is angry and why they have the right to be. Explaining how this problem does not have a simple solution. How there are people that are trying to manipulate the narrative to make us think something other than the truth. How there isn't one problem to solve but a complex web of interconnected issues that have been built up over time and contributed to what we have.

I never thought I would have to talk about these things because I don't really understand. I know I am a person of privilege and I will never be able to understand what it means to be a black person living in America. I have nothing to share with my kids to help them understand. My solution was I would hope and pray that the world will change and they would get to live in a better world than me. The world isn't going to change though unless we change it. I've realized this past week that I don't know what I can do to change it, but I want to learn. I want to ask more and I want to listen to the answers. Luckily there are many people putting out great information to help anyone that feels the same, like 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

It is no longer enough to hope for things to get better. We actively need to work to make the change.

We Stand With The Black Community


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