Life Can Be A Battle, Just Keep Fighting

I know every day feels like a battle. That is because it is true. Every day is a battle. When you are in a battle you get tired. Sometimes you feel like you are winning, some times you feel like you are losing. There are even times it feels hopeless, that a part of you just wants to give up.

We want to win a battle that is super easy and straight forward. When there isn't a lot of thought or energy needed to coast to victory. But those aren't really battles, those are just practice. Championships are rarely the contest when you are able to put in your second string. Complex problems don't have easy answers, otherwise we would just call them simple problems. 

In life you are going to have battles and there aren't going to be easy answers. So you have two choices, you can quit, or you can keep fighting. Fighting, learning, and adapting until you find a way through.You will find your victories, your moments of joy, and then there will be another battle. It may sound pessimistic, it is not meant to, it is just life. We don't spend enough time being honest with ourselves about how things actually are. Enjoy the challenge. Enjoy the opportunity to compete. You can win, you only need to stay in the fight.

Omar Bradley - Life Is A Battle


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