Sorry To Break It To You, You Aren't The Best

I play a variety of roles in my job. Roles like project manager, business analyst, solutions architect, application administrator, integration analyst and tester. Every day you can find me in at least one, but likely all of those roles to some capacity. Some of those roles I'm better at than others. Each of those roles I could improve on, there is always room to get better. 

One thing I've learned over time is to accept the fact that in any one of those roles there are thousands of people that are better at it than me. There are people who also have to play each of those roles in their job and they are better overall than I am. Somewhere in this world there is someone who is the absolute best at any given subject or activity, I'm pretty sure it isn't me.

Does that mean that I'm bad at my job? Of course not. I can still be very good at my job even if I'm not the best project manager in the world. The fallacy we fall into is to believe that if we aren't the best then we have to be the worst. We want to be the best so we start comparing ourselves to others and maybe even tearing others down to make ourselves feel better, if only in our own mind or with our close friends and co-workers. 

Comparison will steal your joy. The odds of you being the best is extremely low. If the bar you set is only a reflection of comparing yourself to others you will always be disappointed. Rather than striving to be the best, aim to be better. Let your comparison be the person you were yesterday. Let your goal be the person you want to be tomorrow. 

Comparison is the thief of joy


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