Mistakes, Second Chances And Our Society

I have to start this by saying I'm not a Nick Saban fan. I think the Minnesota fan in me hates anyone who has continued long term success winning multiple championships because I just can't comprehend what it would be like. But this video made me really like the guy. Take two minutes and watch it.

The interesting thing is this video is from 5 years ago, but the world we live in is still this way today, probably worse. As a society we like to skewer people when they make a mistake. We expect people that are in any sort of spotlight to perform flawlessly and never make a bad choice or say the wrong thing. Why? Every single one of us has made a mistake. Every one of us has put our foot in our mouth. Every one of us has hurt someone we care about. None of us are perfect but yet we love to expose people when they make a mistake. The more visible, the more famous, the more we love it.

As I went to start this post I checked to make sure I haven't wrote something similar recently. It has been a while but it is a common theme I return to. We all make mistakes, and that is okay, because we all make mistakes. In spite of that, as a society of people that all make mistakes, we are a society of people that are ready to cast stones at any person that makes a mistake. We can do better.


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