It's A Small, Small Business World

The last couple of months has been an interesting set of events reminding me just how small the business world is, and the world in general is. The first time was when I was hired by my current employer because they knew about me from over seven years ago. Back then I was in charge of building a new Web site and was part of selecting them as our provider. I wouldn't be at the job I am without that relationship.

The second one came about that a man I last worked with over 10 years ago saw that I got a new job on social media. It just so happens he was searching for a new partner to help his company build a new Web site and recognized a fit. We wouldn't be working on this project if it wasn't for that relationship.

They always say you never want to burn bridges, which I can see. You never know where life and your career might take you 5, 10, or more years down the road. It also is a good reminder how important it is to invest in relationships as the return you get out of it might not be found until years later.

In my over twenty year career I have changed jobs seven times. Every time I got the job was primarily because of the relationship I had with a person at that company.

Relationships matter. They might be the only thing that really matters.


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