Spend Your Energy On Moving Forward, Not Looking Back

The mind is a tremendous tool that can be of great benefit to us and it can be a hindrance at times also. We can overthink, overanalyze and become hyper-focused on topics that don't provide a lot of value. We all have a tendency to focus on a topic and dwell on it much longer than is needed. If we are thinking about it there is some value, there is a level of importance, but after a while the additional time and energy spent focused on it doesn't add any more value and actually becomes a problem. 

I see it in projects at work, when things start going off the path where we need them to be we talk a lot about how things got off course, who is to blame and how it isn't our fault. There is some benefit in figuring out where things went wrong to make sure it doesn't happen again. However more energy needs to be put in how do we move forward and get where we need to. Post mortems are a good thing until they deteriorate into a whining and complaining session. 

Learn from the past but focus on the future. Where are you putting your energy?

What you focus on is where your energy goes


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