Change Is Inevitable

As my kids are getting older it is fun to have more adult conversations with them. My oldest and I were talking recently about COVID and the mandate to wear a mask. She was saying how it was hard to understand why there are so many people that refuse to wear one. For her, she thinks that the longer that it goes on and the more she wears one, the less you even notice it. In the beginning it was weird and different, but time and routine have a way of making the weird and different into something normal, something you don't even notice.

Throughout history, and in each of our lives, changes come along that we find bizarre at first, or just very different, but then we get used to it and we don't even notice it. Technology is a great example of this. The computers used in the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 required a significant sized room to house them. The smart phone that you carry around in your pocket is roughly 100 million times more powerful. We get so used to them we don't even realize how many times a day we use our phones to get us information. If you are over 35 years old tell a kid a story about how you used to have to do a research paper. Even explaining it makes it feel like something out of the dark ages.

Change happens and we complain about it, rebel against it and deny it is happening. That is until it becomes so common we can't imagine what life was like before the change. We always need to be open to dealing with change, but even more so in times like this.


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