Finding Home

Last week we took my daughter on her first college visit to the University of Nebraska Lincoln. We had been in Lincoln and on the campus a handful of times the past few years. As we drove around a bit then toured the campus my wife and I both commented how, though we couldn't explain it, Lincoln felt like home. 

Thinking about that feeling and the word home. The feeling for me is a sense of serenity and butterflies in the stomach. There is just a sense of joy and peace being in that place. Each of us have places that feel like home to us. It can vary for each person. It could be the place you live now. Many people when they go to the town they grew up in have that feeling of being home. For some they have a dream of one day living in New York, Paris or London. Others have that vacation spot they visit once a year and when they are there it is just like home.

As I think of my daughter going off to college and the adventure of life beginning for her, the idea of home becomes more prevalent. For the first time she isn't going to be home, but she will be making a new home. There are a lot of factors that go into picking what school you are going to like location, programs available, and cost. But I hope more than anything that where she picks it feels like home for her as that is what it is going to be.



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