Don't Let A Bad Day Turn You Into A Bad Person

The topic of grace has been discussed recently in our house. Came about because in discussing different scenarios our girls have been in they see people they know acting differently. 

We as humans are complex and each interaction we have can be impacted by what happened before. Think of the times you've had a bad day at work and then you yell at your kids or spouse for something trivial, certainly not something worth getting upset about. Those moments are what each of us experience. So when you are on the receiving end of it you have to ask yourself if this is a normal behavior or abnormal? If this is unusual behavior that is where grace comes in. You don't know what other hardships someone is going through causing them to behaving in a different way.

Just as important though is to understand when you are having a bad day, it doesn't give you freedom to treat others poorly. We need to have the self awareness to realize that something in our situation is causing us to not act as we normally do. When that doesn't happen we need to have people close to us that can help us see what we can't. Once we understand we aren't behaving as we want or should, we need to work to identify the things causing us to change who we are. 

We all have bad days, and none of us are bad people. So make sure others believe the same thing about you.

When You Have A Bad Day, Treat The World Better


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