Why Does A Vacation Not Feel Like A Vacation?

I am taking a vacation soon. It has been two years since I took an actual vacation. I take time off, but it is a day here and there, extended weekends, dance competitions, dance competition recovery days, the basics. But not a real full week off going somewhere. I'm excited.

I'm also stressed about it. Why is taking a longer vacation so hard? You have your normal work and craziness you deal with all of the time, then you add on top of it the planning and prepping you have to do with work to make sure everything is set for the week you will be out. We won't talk about the flood of emails and chaos you will come back to. Then you also have the planning, packing and checklists to make sure you have everything you need for the vacation itself. 

I think I need a new goal of always being prepared to take a week off. What does that look like to not have things so piled up you can step away for a few days and not have anything miss a beat? For most businesses that would indicate you aren't very busy so more work comes your way, or worse your job becomes disposable. 

So we continue on, with the understanding that vacations are hard, but rewarding. The good news I planned it so I come back to work on a Friday so I can catch up on things then relax over the weekend. That might be my most brilliant plan yet.


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