Enjoying The Black Hills, Though They Were Stolen

My family recently took a vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota. It is an area with lots to see and do, beautiful scenery and a rich history. Of course there is Mount Rushmore, which is an inspiring place if you are interested in the founding fathers of our country. Then there is Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed and is burred. 

The real history which ties these two things together, what nobody wants to talk about, is how we stole this land from the Native Americans for whom the Black Hills are sacred. There was a treaty signed by the US Government that defined the borders and gave the Black Hills to the Sioux tribe in 1868. However the discovery of gold less than 10 years later caused the US to break the treaty and push them from their land. Around 50 years later, an idea was formed to carve a statue into a mountain to promote tourism in the area. It worked, as I spend my money to support these elements. 

I can't help but wonder what our nation would look like if we had actually kept our word, honored our treaties, and not came in as conquerors. We talk a lot about the injustice to black people in our country, but often forget about another group of people that were greatly wronged in the forming of our country. 

Perhaps our country is hurting so much today because of some of the values it was founded upon. Most people think the actions they are taking are right or justified. The same goes for a country. 

Crazy Horse


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