Rising Above The Ceiling Society Places On People

I know it seems at times like you have it hard. It seems like the deck is stacked against you. I was reminded this week, a person is capable than more than we often think they are. There are countless examples in this world where people overcame the odds that were stacked against them. The thing about the odds are there is always a chance. (For those of you that have the Dumb and Dumber line running through your head, the same thing happened to me when I wrote it.)

I came upon two stories this week that remind us that just because something is a long shot doesn't mean that it is impossible.

The first is a story about a player on the Penn State volleyball team that was born with a hearing deficit. Not only is she playing at a collegiate level, she is playing at an extremely high level. I love the story about an entire crowd that was silent through the first 9 points of a match to raise awareness and show their support.

The other story I heard was about Casey O'Brien. He is the third string holder on the Minnesota Gophers football team. He might never actually get to play in a college football game being the third string holder, but seeing what Casey has gone through to be in the position he is, it is nothing short of miraculous.
Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can't do and stop telling yourself what you can't do.

You can listen to Casey's full speech here.


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