How Do You Feel About Your New Team?

You've just been assigned a new project, made a team or have been reassigned to a different department. You quickly asses who else is on the team with you and you aren't happy. Some of the other members of the team are not exactly what you would call A players. A few you are shocked actually made the same team as you because they are more suited for JV or the easy projects.

You complain to others who think the same way as you so you can feel vindicated in your assessment. Of course they agree with you, why wouldn't they?

You feel insulted. You may even contemplate quitting because if they think you are on the same level then they must obviously not value your skills and abilities so you might as well take them elsewhere.

It is easy to feel this way, we've all felt it because we've all been a part of a team. Choose to be better. There are a number of things you should keep in mind before you make those judgments.

  1. If it isn't your job to pick the teams or assign people to projects, you can't complain. It is a hard job and the pieces of the puzzle never fit together as nicely as you think they should.
  2. Just because someone isn't as talented as you are doesn't mean the other person doesn't have talent. Maybe they have other skills to bring to your project, skills you didn't realize you even needed.
  3. Maybe you are being evaluated as a leader or mentor. Maybe you are being tested to see how you can work in an environment with less talent. It isn't hard to win as the coach of all the best players, if you have far greater talent than the other team, that isn't good coaching. Can you elevate the play of players that will never be an all-star? If you can there are plenty of opportunities in your future.
  4. Maybe you are simply being evaluated as what type of teammate you actually are. Maybe your boss has their eye on you for a high-profile project coming down the road. They know they need the best of the best, and part of being the best is being able to work really well with others.
Are all of those things true? Maybe not. But how you think about your situation will make a big impact in how enjoyable your time is in your situation. 


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