The Refining Fire Of Life's Challenges

There will be setbacks in life. Things will happen to you that aren't fun, things you wouldn't wish on anyone. People deal with many challenges, sometimes more than one. Death, sickness, job loss, financial struggles, accidents, and things we probably can't even imagine.

There is a dichotomy in life of being prepared without being paranoid of all that can go wrong. I could get in a car accident tomorrow, and while I don't need to hide in my house and never drive anywhere, I do need to do everything in my power to stay alert and avoid an accident. You buy insurance, create a savings account with 3 months minimum of your income, build a network for your career. But don't stop living life and being who you are. While not everyone appreciates or even likes you, that doesn't mean nobody likes you. You have gifts, knowledge and talents that are the perfect fit, sometimes it is just about finding the right fit. God has a plan for each of us, sometimes it isn't immediately known, but the challenges that life throw at us are intended to teach us. It doesn't make whatever you are going through easy, but it should give you hope. How does the song go? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? You will get through this, and when you do, look out world.


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