Another Dance Season - Another Reflection On What It Teaches Me

Another dance season has passed us by as we wrapped up the end of the year recitals this past weekend. It is always a mixed emotions time for me as the exhaustion from a long weekend makes you happy that it is over but then I realize we are another year closer to it being done. Watching my daughters dance has been a major part of my life for the past 12 years, and when I think about how fast that time has gone the fact that I only have 3 years left to watch my oldest leaves me searching for a way to slow time down.

I only have one more father daughter dance left with her too. She might tell you that she is excited that there is only one more chance for me to embarrass her though. I hope that she, and my other daughters always knows how much I love being on stage with them. Any chance to have a little fun and spend time with my girls is worth it.

I've been asked before if I wished that any of my girls played sports or did something other than dance. I've never minded that they dance. I have just always wanted them to do something that they love, that can teach them about teamwork and show them what you get when you put in the extra effort. Dance has given them that. I see the friendships and bonds that they have with people, strengthened in the fire of hours of practice together and celebrated in that performance where they leave it all on the stage.

These are lessons for all of us. We are a part of many teams, at work, in our families and in our communities. Every day I'm thankful for my daughters, what they are teaching me, and how dance has been a major part of our journey.

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