Failure Is Not The End - It Is Just Another Step

Many of you have probably seen this video that is making the rounds on the Internet. A little boy trying to break a board, fails, repeatedly, then succeeds. Watch it because it is worth a minute of your time.

There are so many lessons here:

  1. Sometimes things are hard - don't quit because you will miss out on the joy once you actually accomplish your goal.
  2. You are going to want to quit - You will get sad, mad, angry and frustrated. Those feelings are real, persist in spite of them.
  3. When you see a friend/teammate/co-worker struggling with something, cheer them on, encourage them, they need your support. I love the one boy in front at the beginning, when he falls down he grabs him and pulls him back up.
  4. When someone succeeds, cheer for them. Loudly. Like you want to be cheered for when you accomplish a goal.
  5. Notice how there aren't any parents that step in and say they need to take it easy on the boy. None of the bigger kids step in and try to break it for him. Sometimes you need to let people fail on their own so they can succeed on their own.
  6. The coach never gave up on him, kept encouraging him, kept giving him tips on how to break the board. If you are a coach, manager, or teacher you have so much influence in people's lives, what will you do with that influence?

What is the obstacle in your way? Keep kicking. One more hard kick and you break through.


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