Learning To Teach - Appropriate For Teacher Appreciation Week

My daughter is 15 and we are going through that right of passage in learning to drive a car. It has been a challenging learning experience, a few rough spots but I think I'm getting better at it, because I'm starting to learn more about her along the way. You see the biggest challenge hasn't been in teaching her to drive, the biggest challenge has been figuring out how to be a better teacher for her.

My only experience as a driving instructor is my own driving experience. It is so much different than hers. I grew up on a farm driving lawn mowers, tractors and even my dad's truck from when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. When I was old enough to drive a car on the road it was a formality. Contrast that with her experience of a go cart track a couple times in her life. When I navigate roads I know names, numbers, north, south, east and west. When I tell her that Madison runs parallel and south of 14, I am pretty sure I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.

We all have to teach someone something sometime, even when you aren't a teacher. The greatest skill you need is an ability to understand how your student learns the best. Let's face it, teaching is hard. Figuring out how to communicate the information the person needs is not an easy task. If the goal is for them to understand then help them learn by any means necessary.

I have a new appreciation for how hard a teacher's job is, and I don't have angry, annoying, disrespectful parents that think their child is perfect contacting me. Thank you to all of the teachers.


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