What Does It Mean To Be A Family?

After watching Clemson win the National Championship I am reminded how much I love Dabo Swinney. Listening to the man speak and reading his quotes you can tell how much he cares for his players and just how unified they are as a team. There is something special and unique about the culture they have, something that very few teams have.

It got me thinking about how some teams are families and what the word family means. I see Clemson football as a family. Often you see a correlation between the degree with which you are family and the level of success you achieve. All teams are not families though. It can be true for more than just sports teams too. You can have companies or organizations that have a culture of a family. You can also have blood relatives but not have a family but have close friends that you think of as a brother or a sister. 

Relatives, co-workers and teammates are people you have a relationship with. But to find success, it is about moving beyond having a relationship and creating a family. Family means something more. You care for the other person in a deeper way. You are there for them when they need you, support them, sacrifice for them. You think of them, what you can give them or what you can do for them, before yourself. When you are in a family you will do whatever you can to make sure you don't let down your brothers and sisters beside you. When you sacrifice that way for others you will be on your way to building a family and finding success.


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