Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness - Choose To Be A Light

We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday and I think it is an important holiday that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Not only is it important to remember what this man did in our nations history, but more importantly remembering the ideals and principles that he asked that we all believe in. Our world today is filled with so much hatred and vitriol, fed by media conglomerates that play to their demographics desires. Martin Luther King Jr. desired for our nation to hold onto the ideals that are stated in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Freedom and equality for all is something that we still don't see in our nation. 

In our schools and workplaces lines are drawn and allegiances are formed in battles over status, power and ego. Darkness and hate seem to be winning in our world, but the secret weapon is you. Each of us have the ability to simply choose to be light and love in the world we are a part of, no matter how big or how small. Every time we choose to love our enemies the world moves one step closer to where we should be at this stage of our evolution. Choose to be a positive light every day and see how the world will change.


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