My One Word For 2019

Rather than setting goals or making New Year's resolutions I pick One Word for the year. Jon Gordon has an article with links to videos and other resources explaining the concept, you can find it here. This will be the fourth time for me, here were my past words:
  • 2016 - Move
  • 2017 - Fire
  • 2018 - Discipline
My word for 2019, with a nod to Seth Godin, is Ruckus. It was an easy pick for me, in many ways it has haunted me for most of 2018. I've thought about it a lot and it really fits where I feel like I'm at with my work and life. 

The most important thing about picking a word is what it means for you. On the surface ruckus might be an odd word because when you look it up the definition it is a disturbance or commotion. When you hear Seth Godin talk though he encourages everyone to create a ruckus. Stop doing things the way they have always been done. Start disrupting things in a positive way.

I like this graphic from Leyla Acaroglu's "Disruptive Design" e-book to help explain the concept:
The one percent gains on the old things are good, and there is value in that to the organization. But what we need more of is finding ways to cause a ruckus enough that people see the old ways have become obsolete.

As 2019 starts, I'm going to go make a ruckus. What is 2019 going to be for you?


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