Thoughts On Leadership - If You Don't Think You Are A Leader Read Anyway

I just finished reading Todd Gongwer's great book, Lead...for God's Sake!: A Parable for Finding the Heart of Leadership. It really got me thinking about leadership and how there is such a lack of good leaders. Why is that? Too often I believe people think of leadership as managing, controlling or being in charge. Leadership is none of those things as many of us have experienced far too often in life.

There are two keys to leadership that differentiate a person we view as a leader.

First, they focus more on how they can help others than how they can help themselves. Looking at how they can encourage, support and listen to those they come in contact with.

Second, they know that they have to start with leading themselves first. They worry about what they say, how they act, the effort they put in and the attitude they display. There has never been a successful do as I say not as I do leader. If you want to make an impact it is important to recognize the example you are setting for others.

What many people fail to realize is that they are a leader. We think we aren't a leader because we don't have a position or a seat at the table. That doesn't make a leader. You are a leader because you have influence. Every person and every interaction is an opportunity to lead things, what are you going to do in those situations?


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