I have three girls, ages 5 to 14 and there is something interesting that I've observed in the older two. The way they talk to their friends in person and on social media, the word love is used frequently. It isn't just my girls, they all talk that way with each other.
"Love ya!"
"I love you so much ____!"
"Love you too!"
When I first heard it, I will admit it made me uncomfortable, it seemed a little odd to me. I was asking myself if they could really understand what love was as they threw the word around as easily as hello. Then I remembered that as a guy, I really don't understand girls. I never have and have determined I probably never will. So I decided to ask my wife. I didn't remember ever hearing girls talk to each other like this but maybe it was some secret girl thing that they couldn't let boys in on. She didn't recall hearing the word love used a lot between friends when she was in school. From my observation the next generation uses the world love with far greater frequency than mine.

While I started thinking this was strange, maybe it wasn't so strange after all. Maybe this generation understands far more than we did when we were their age. Maybe they understand what was meant in Mark 12:31 when it says to "Love your neighbor as yourself." Maybe they see there needs to be more love in the world.

Now when I hear my girls and their friends say that they love each other it brings a smile to my face. It gives me hope for the future, that maybe the world that my children will live in will be an even better one than we have today. A place with more love.


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