Find The Differences To Discover Greatness

One of my favorite words is dichotomy, for me it tells a story about life. Dichotomy describes two things that are completely opposite from each other, things that are mutually exclusive. But sometimes those opposing things become complementary.

Take for example hot and cold. They seem contradictory but with the right elements they become great. Put ice cream on a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven and you have a magical dessert that is way better together.

When you find things that seem like they are opposite, finding a way to make them compliment each other is usually when greatness emerges. A marriage between a man and a woman. Various departments in a business. Offense and defense on a team. These work the best when the two sides realize they are on the same team and find ways to work together, make the other side better.

Our world continues to get more divided where each side of every issue expends all of their energy proving why they are right and the "enemy" is wrong. Only when we realize that to actually make progress we have to pair our hot to their cold, allow the best of each to compliment each other to make it even better. Our differences seem like they are things that separate us, but once we find ways to make our differences compliment each other you will find greatness.


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