Just Say It Already

I've had a number of conversations recently where I have learned some things where I've walked away feeling a little upset. It wasn't the words that were said that were upsetting, it was the fact that I wish they would have just told me sooner. I wish that I had more of that information earlier as I probably would have made some different decisions.

I'm not sure if it is the Minnesota nice culture here but we seem to not want to tell people the truth about how we feel. I know there have been plenty of times that I've held things back, kept my feelings to myself, figuring it was better to not say anything.

Always remember that nobody can tell you how to feel. They can debate your actions or behaviors, but they can't argue how you are feeling. Speak the truth in love, but we need to speak up more about how we feel and continue to build the bridge between the people we care about and want to have relationships with in our family, friends and work.

Here is the real kicker, inevitably most people will report feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from them once they've shared how they feel. It isn't good to carry that baggage around, it causes unnecessary stress in our lives.

If you've been avoiding having a conversation with someone, I encourage you to take the time to talk with them, you will feel better when you do.


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