For Every Dad That Has A Daughter

I vaguely remember the story of Mo Isom when she was trying out to kick for the LSU Tigers in 2012. At the time I didn't know her name, only that she was a soccer player and was attempting to kick for a Division 1 football powerhouse. Five years later I heard her whole story through the Sports Spectrum Podcast (episode #4 if interested). Jason Romano interviewed her where she told an amazing story of tragedy and triumph. Her life includes battling eating disorders in high school, a father's suicide, a horrific automobile accident that she miraculously survived and a life full of bad choices in her words as she tried to make sense of more than most people deal with in a whole lifetime. Listening to her tell her story in that interview and when I later read her book, it was amazing the grit and perseverance this young woman possesses to face everything and through it all develop a deep faith that she shares with anyone that is willing to take the time to listen.

As I hear her story the thought that keeps coming to mind is my oldest daughter, a day away from turning 14 as this post is published. Mo Isom is the type of person I hope to have as a role model in her life. Now that I've read the book I hope that she will take the time to read it to and maybe we can have some conversations about it.

For every dad out there, I can't encourage you enough to take the time to listen to the podcast (here) or read the book (buy it here). If your daughter is old enough I would encourage you to do it with her.

Also, I can't recommend Jason Romano's Sports Spectrum Podcast enough either. The interviews on there are great, stories on the intersection of faith and sports. They are the types of stories we need more of in today's world. Stories I am sure will encourage and inspire you.


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