Expecting Better Of Something Doesn't Mean You Hate It

Anyone who is a parent has probably had a time where they had to tell their kids they did something wrong. You reset expectations, say you are disappointed, and explain the behavior you expect. At no time do you ever stop loving your child.

It is interesting how often today, if you are in a position of not agreeing with a decision or action you are automatically viewed as the enemy. If you are a fan of a sports team and don't like the decisions the coach is making there is a potential for people to attack you because you aren't a true fan. 

In politics, no matter if you are conservative, liberal or moderate, if you criticize you are unpatriotic. If you don't agree with something your employer is doing, people want to know why you still work there. 

Just because something isn't perfect, or not living up to the expectations we have, doesn't mean we love it any less. 

We can demand better from our government leaders and still love our country. We can criticize decisions by a coach or team and still be a fan. We can question businesses' operations and still be a customer. We can disagree with managements direction and still be a loyal employee. 

Sometimes saying, "Do better" is simply that, a request to do better. Too often all anyone can hear is "I hate it/them". Nobody on this planet is perfect. We are all capable of doing better. We should expect better of each other and we should expect better of ourselves.

Expect better of people and of yourself


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