When You Have A Chance To Make Someone's Day - Do It

There are a lot of things going on in the world that can bring a person down. If you took a poll of everyone and had them rank on a scale of 1 to 10 how good they feel life is at the moment, what do you think the average would be? Lower than any of us would like it I'm sure.

You see things opening back up, the talk of sports finding ways to return and seeing more people out and about. It is a good thing but then we hear the rise of more cases and the unknowns of what we are truly dealing with. 

It feels gloomy right now. Like you are either waiting for a rain storm or it starting to lighten up. Off in the distance you can see sunshine trying to peak through and you wonder which way the wind is blowing. Does the future bring sunshine or more storms? 

It is hard to find the sun at times, so we need to be the sunshine in each others lives. Little gestures, to make someone smile is that first ray of sun poking through on a rainy day. We need to ask ourselves every day, with every person we interact with, how do I have the opportunity to make their day a little brighter?

It can be doing a little extra to help out a co-worker. It could be sending a note of appreciation to someone for something they do. It can be apologizing, even when you don't think you did anything wrong. 

The little things in life are what make the biggest differences and yet so many of us don't do the little things because we don't think it is a big enough deal to actually make a difference. Next time you think it won't make a difference, do it anyway. See what that does for a change. 

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud


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