If You Have Free Time Prepare For The Unknown

One of the great questions out right now is what school is going to look like in the fall. There are still a lot of unknowns around COVID-19 and what the right decision is. Education, mental health, social growth, nutritional well being are all factors that need to be weighed along with the health risks of the virus. 

Parents know the end of the school year was not great. It was pure survival mode for everyone, trying to make the best of a situation we were thrown into. There has been a lot of grief given to teachers and administrators expecting a rock solid plan as we approach heading back to school, which is too bad. The problem is there is still a number of options on how it would look. Each option would require a different structure and game plan for teachers. They need to prepare for all of the scenarios, and also the possibility of having to switch to a plan B over the weekend multiple times throughout the year. 

It reminded me of how hard it is to plan. We all get thrown into situations where we just need time to think through scenarios. Great companies build in time for their employees to think and innovate new solutions and alternative methods of doing things. How often do we find ourselves not having the ability to improve our work because we are too busy doing the work? How many people have to spend their nights and weekends learning different skills to get better? How many times have you thought a plan looked good on paper only to see it play out and find there are adjustments needed, or sometimes a whole new plan? Teachers and administrators are no different. 

We all need time to think, plan, innovate and create. We need to build up those skills at all times so we are prepared for when the situations do arise. In the military, units train and drill in times of peace so that if a need arises they are prepared to fight. Sports teams practice far more than they actually will plan in a game. I think of my daughters who spend hours all year practicing a dance that lasts 3 minutes and they will perform maybe 5-6 times. Why are we surprised when any of us are pressed into a situation to find a solution that we haven't prepared in any way, struggle to find a solution?

Build in time for yourself to exercise those muscles. If you are an employer make sure you are building in time for your employees to think about how to get better. I believe we all can learn and improve any skill, it just takes time. 

Powerful warriors - time and patience


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