Your Expectations Are Probably Going To Be Met

Expectations have been on my mind lately so I started doing some searching looking for quotes. I was amazed, most of the quotes coming up first had a very similar tone:
  • No expectations, no disappointments.
  • The secret of happiness is low expectations.
  • When you have expectations you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
It made me sad. I get I can't expect to play for the winning Super Bowl team next year. But to have expectations so low, basically expecting nothing good is going to happen will almost guarantee nothing good will happen.

I believe what you expect is likely what will happen. Realistic expectations are always good, but if you expect that people will disappoint you, that is likely what you will see, all of the areas they disappoint you. If you expect people to do great things, to surprise you, to exceed your expectations, you will see all the ways they do.

The definition of expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. Another one is a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

I like the definitions contain the word belief. Expectations isn't a defense mechanism, it is about belief. What do you believe people will do? What do you believe people can do? Those are expectations.

What do you believe you will do? What do you believe you can do? Sometimes we need to start with having higher expectations of ourselves before we can start having higher expectations of others.

Any time I think about expectations I think of my favorite scene of all time. Powerful message of how we often limit ourselves before we even try.


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