Success Is One Step Forward

I recently hit a milestone at work, I was a part of launching my first project, it was a great feeling after 232 days, not that I was counting. Is that success? The client said it was one of the smoothest launches they had been a part of. Is that success? I haven't been laid off from my job yet. Is that success?

I know I talk a lot about success, and how we can all find more success. I am always looking for the little tips and ideas to find every 0.0001% I can find in every area of my life to be a better employee, teammate, father, and husband. When we are striving for better we are finding success. Getting better, finding ways to improve in every little way will lead to success. People will always have different definitions of what success looks like, to me success is showing forward progress. 

When you think about failure it isn't about the first mistake, it is about repeating the mistake and never correcting enough to show forward progress. The rookie on the team isn't cut right away, they are usually given a chance to figure things out at the next level. It is when they are coached, and instructions are repeated with no change noticeable. 

We will always face problems and challenges in life. Things change and evolve. People come and go. New problems present themselves. If the problems are new and different all the time be thankful, that means you've solved the old ones. Anytime you are moving forward that is success.


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