On The Road To Greatness

One of my all time favorite business books is Good To Great by Jim Collins. I have read all of his books and recently finished a short addendum to this called Turning The Flywheel. This was apparently what they call a monograph, a term I was unfamiliar with until reading this short 37 page gem. It was a reminder of how we often set definitions around things, like books and how they have to conform to a certain structure. The lesson is to deliver your product in the form that fits, not what culture tells you to be right.

The real takeaway I got from this book is from the last paragraph.
Good to Great is never done. The moment you think of yourself as great, your slide to mediocrity will have already begun. 
A simple but powerful message. Seek greatness, but be humble enough to know you are never great. Think of it as a journey and not a destination. Companies, people, coaches, players and artists are great when others describe them as such, but rarely are great when they describe themselves in those words. If you begin to think you are great know you are at a point where you need to get back to work because you aren't there yet.


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