Great Stories - Everyone Has One

I'm reading through Legacy by James Kerr and there was a part talking about stories that reminded me how much I enjoy a good story. The best business books I've ever read all have an element of good story telling to them. Nobody wants to read a text book. We learn and engage better with stories. The best speakers are those that tell great stories. Stories are a foundation in our culture.

Most people think that their life is boring, they are a failure, or that nobody would care about their story. It isn't true though, your story just isn't finished. Every story has conflict, every hero has that moment where it seems like they are defeated and it is the end of the line. The key is that isn't the end of the story. It is at that moment that the hero has a choice to make. They can stay defeated, turn around and forget about the path they were on because it looks too hard. Or, they can find the strength to move forward, learn from the defeat and turn the tragedy into triumph.

It all starts with the story you tell yourself. If you think nobody would find your story interesting, they probably won't. Who wants to go to a movie where the director says that the story is kind of boring? If you believe you have a good story, as an individual or as an organization, start telling it. Sure we could probably use some editors and critics to help us make the story better. But that just means you can improve your story. It has to start with you first believing that it is a good one worth telling.


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