What Parts Of Our Life Keep Us Captive?

I love how a single quote will resonate with me and connect with multiple areas of my life. I haven't read any books by Erwin McManus but words like this are enticing.

What are the things that keep us captive and what is our freedom? For some it might be staying in a job we don't like because it pays the bills rather than taking a risk on a career change or starting your own business. It could picking your classes and career path based on what your parents or others of influence tell you. Some could be following the crowd rather than declaring who they are and accepting that not everyone may like them but that is okay.

We get comfortable and complacent, slowing letting the days go by feeling unexcited and uninspired. We do our jobs even though there are things we know could be better, afraid that challenging the status quo could impact our position. Scared to speak up, following the processes given to us and responding, "That is how I was told to do it."

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is honestly reflecting on the person we see in the mirror. How are we complacent? What holds us captive? Where do we not feel free?

After that comes the harder questions, "Why?" and "What am I going to do about it?" In those answers you will find freedom, even if you don't change anything, because now you've made a choice. You aren't a captive, you have opted to be in that situation for whatever your reasons are.


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