What A Little Kindness Can Do

I was at the grocery store recently and I had the opportunity to help a lady who had her hands full put her cart away, it literally took less than ten seconds of my time. I walked away thinking about how good that smile and thank you felt. I realized something about myself that I hadn't ever really given much thought to, how much I like being kind to others. I don't know how much of an impact it really has on a persons life, but I hope that in a world with so much negativity that I can make a small positive impact.

If you think of your own life, I imagine you can think of some random acts of kindness that someone did to you, and most importantly you remember how it made you feel. I had to make an appointment one time and the receptionist made a comment about getting things setup with the important person, and I told her that she was the most important person right now because without her I wouldn't get an appointment. I imagine that she has a difficult job at times, dealing with irate people that are mad about something. Hopefully I made her feel just a little better.

I believe that God puts opportunities in front of us every day, little moments that just a few seconds can impact in mighty way. People cross our paths and could be hurting or angry, for any number of reasons. People that feel alone, like there is nobody in this world that cares about them. When we take a moment to show someone kindness, it could cause a ripple that turns into tsunami.

I recently wrote about little things and how they matter, kindness is no different. If we can't look for the little moments to impact people, we have no hope of being ready or alert enough to act in the big moments either.

An easy challenge would be to find one moment to display kindness to someone every day. If you really want to change the world though your challenge is to show kindness in every interaction you have with someone. A smile, holding the door, an encouraging word. There are so many little ways that we can be kind to others. God is putting you in their life at that moment to take advantage of an opening to impact their life. Don't miss it.


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