Beware Of Shortcuts - They Usually Give The Wrong Impression

We all have those moments when it feels like we have more to do than there is any feasible way of getting it all done. It is easy in those moments to look for shortcuts. To try and find the quickest way of getting done just enough that you can cross it off your list.

That is the easy way, but it doesn't get you very far.

The other way to look at it - how can you deliver your best work given the obstacles in front of you? Can you spare 10 minutes to make it just a little bit better then the minimum? How much time will it take to deliver something you can be proud of?

A key to being successful is finding the right mix of getting it done and getting it done well. Proofreading your report one time, yes, please take the time to do it at least once. But you probably don't need to proof it 20 times, somewhere along the way your time proofreading becomes wasted.

Finding ways to be more efficient and effective with our time is a good thing. Finding shortcuts usually just shows people you cut corners which rarely leads anywhere good.


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