If You Are Looking For Inspiration, Here Is Where You Can Find It

Everyone talks about the million dollar idea. That spark of ingenuity that creates something incredible. A work of art that others talk about. The tweet that goes viral. The best seller in the sea of infinite choices.

Most of us sit around and wait for inspiration to strike, to have an idea hit us that nobody has thought of and have the ability to turn it into something. Unfortunately that is why so many people in the world spend their days unfulfilled, hoping for a spark. We have a lot of people that are stuck in a routine of doing the same thing, day after day, because someone said that is the way it is done.

Change, growth, art and advancements come from new ideas and fresh thinking. Sometimes to find quality ideas you have to go through a large quantity of ideas. Look at some of the best known creators in history:

  • Shakespeare produced 37 plays and 154 sonnets in a span of 20 years
  • Mozart composed more than 600 pieces before he died at age 35
  • Picasso's work includes more than 1800 paintings, 1200 sculptures, 12,000 drawings and many more creations.
  • Einstein wrote 248 publications many of which had minimal impact
  • Edison held 1093 US patents in his name
In an article from a few years ago Stephen King spoke about Why Quantity Matters For Creativity. It just reiterates what history has already shown us. It isn't about biding your time until inspiration strikes. It is about doing the work, improving your craft. If it is a 1 in 100 idea you are looking for, it isn't about your idea compared to 100 other people's, it is about creating 100 ideas so you can find the one that actually works.


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