The Importance Of Investing

In IT there is a concept called Technical Debt. The premise is pretty simple, every application you buy, every system you create incurs a certain amount of dept. Your debt level goes up as you add complexity, add additional systems or don't actively work on paying down your technical debt. It works kind of like your credit card bill. If you only pay the minimum it will take you years to pay it off, even if you don't buy another thing.

Financially for a business, there is often a certain level of debt that is necessary if not valuable. Few businesses can get started without a loan or venture capital investment. If a business wants to expand it could take an investment.

Whether it is technology, financially, educationally or just about any other area we need to keep investing in the future. I've seen it all to often with technology where a company invests sometimes millions of dollars installing a system and building it to suit their needs. Once it is done they want to scale back and ride their investment. Technology doesn't work that way, as is true with most areas. It should be about more than just maintaining the status quo. A certain level of investment is needed to keep driving to the future. What are you investing in? If it is important you should be investing. Now is the opportunity to buy low.


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