Can We Be Thankful For The Things We Don't Like?

Today is Thanksgiving, have you thought about what you are thankful for? Every other day of the year we probably spend too much time thinking about the things that make us mad and frustrate us, but today should be different. How we approach today sets a foundation for every other day of the year. We have the power to change most of the things that we don't like by changing our own language we speak to ourselves. It would be easy to complain about the fact that a part broke on my car and had to be replaced. It took time to get it repaired, deal with a loaner and of course it cost money. However I am thankful that it didn't break down on the side of the road, I could deal with it on a Saturday when I had some free time, I had money saved up just in case of such an auto repair need and we haven't had a car payment in over five years because they have been very reliable cars that don't need expensive repairs.

Today as you spend time with family and friends reflecting on what you are thankful for, take the time to think about one thing that on the surface you aren't thankful for. Think about everything in that seemingly bad situation and find the positives in it. The ability to change the way you think is a muscle we need to exercise, no better day to start than today.

Also as I think about today, I'm very thankful for you reading. There is no end to the content we can consume and the fact that you take a couple minutes to read my thoughts is greatly appreciated.


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