How Do You React To A Fumble?

It is football season, so you probably get a greater amount of football analogies than you would expect from me right now. One of my favorites is the idea of the fumble. If you've watched any football and seen the ball pop out it, you know how it becomes a mad scramble to recover it. Any player remotely in the vicinity dives head first into the scrum, scrapping and clawing their way to recover the ball.

Never have you seen a fumble where the other 10 members of a team stand around complaining about the running back that lost it. Talking about how much the whole group of running backs needs to stop dropping the ball. Getting mad that they haven't recovered their fumble after they lost it. The running back has responsibility to get better and stop fumbling. But if they want to win every other member of the team needs to be sold out on helping recover any and every fumble that happens.

Yet in business, we point the finger at other departments and complain at the water cooler about those that drop the ball. Wishing the manager would tell them to stop fumbling and screwing things up for the rest of the team.

Don't you wish others had your back when you drop the ball? How do you react when someone on your team fumbles?

How your organization reacts to fumbles is probably one of the simplest indicators of how successful you will be.


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