The Casual Attitude That Slowly Kills

Read a great quote recently by @jonacuff, "A casual system fails from the beginning!"

It really struck a nerve with me as I realized how casual we are, especially living in Minnesota where we are teaming with Minnesota Nice. We are friendly, cordial, submissive and passive. I see casual every day when we talk about something that is broken, something that needs improving or even a complete overhaul. We get casual and talk about how much better it is than before. In sports 2 wins is better than 1, but if that is all you accomplish in a season your team isn't very good. I don't want better, I want great. Better means you are going in the right direction, but being on the right road doesn't mean you've reached your destination already.

The first thing that takes us away from greatness is how unified we are as a team. If personal agendas rule and people have a different picture of what the vision of your organization is you will not achieve greatness. You need to have the hard conversations, debate and reach an agreement.

The second thing is a tolerance for what I would say is mediocrity. Accepting that things are working at an okay level. We hang onto the crutch of there only being so much time in a day and use that as an excuse to leave things status quo as our organizational muscles atrophy.

We need to fight every day to be united with our team and to never accept mediocrity. Don't be casual. Be great!


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