The Magic Of New Beginnings

It is an exciting time in our house. That time of year my wife and I get super pumped up. Yes, football season is upon us, but that isn't what I'm talking about here. It is the start of school. That magical time when routines return. When the phrase, "I'm bored" is rarely heard. When we as parents start to get some level of sanity back.

This year is an especially momentous year in our house. Never before have we had so many new beginnings at the same time. Our three daughters are facing their first year of high school, their first year of middle school and starting kindergarten respectfully. To add on to that, my freshman will be old enough to take her driving permit test in two days. Lots of new beginnings.

To go with those new beginnings there are a lot of nerves, lots of excitement and a fair amount of worry. It comes with the unknowns. As adults we are the same, starting a new job or moving to a new city we also can be nervous, excited and anxious. But new beginnings give us an opportunity to stretch ourselves. We get to discover that we are capable of taking on something new.

Sometimes in our life it is important to take on the challenge of something new just so we can prove to ourselves that we can do it. In our lives we will have the opportunity to choose to start something new like accepting a new job opportunity. But we also might have times in our life where we are forced to start something new like being let go from your job and required to find something new. I've gone through both experiences in my life and I learned a lot in the process. Every new beginning is an opportunity.

I'm excited to watch my girls take on a new challenge, to go through the magic of starting something brand new. It has me excited and wanting to take on something new myself. This old dog may be old enough to have a freshman learning to drive, but I'm not too old that I can't learn some new tricks. Take the time to learn something new, you will be amazed at how it makes you feel.


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