Embrace The Challenges In Your Life

If you have a pulse I'm willing to bet you wish that things were easier in your life. You wish your class wasn't as hard, the kid you sit next to in school isn't so mean, your employees weren't so challenging, your business was flourishing and your family sat around singing Kum Ba Yah while they told each person why they were the greatest mother/father/brother/sister/son/daughter/husband/wife there ever was. There might be moments like this but there are also moments where things are the exact opposite. No matter who you are you will make mistakes, you will have challenges, you will deal with difficult people and you will have your fair share of failures.

We want things to be perfect and easy. They never will be, and worse, we spend a lot of our precious time complaining about how bad things are rather than embracing the opportunity before us. We will be thrown things that challenge us, frustrate us and make us angry or sad. What matters isn't about what happens, because the bad things will happen, it is about what comes next.

Things are bad, "Now what?"

I believe that we are presented our challenges to learn from them, and to appreciate what we have. That our ups and downs propel us further. I saw this video with a caption about how we get further with ups and downs. It was a great illustration on how life is.
When you are down, it sure doesn't feel good, but when we look back on them those low points significance in our life is crystal clear. Life is a roller-coaster, parts can be scary, parts can be exciting, some parts make you want to throw up, but it will for sure not be boring. Embrace the challenges in your life. They happen, now what?

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